The Palette of "Browser-Safe" Colours

Here is a table showing the 216 colours, which should appear as intended on almost all colour displays.

The above table has been generated automatically by the Java Script functions defined in the <HEAD> of this page.

The page was created as an exercise in writing something in Java Script, that was slightly more useful than the "Hello World" examples usually quoted in books.

To see how it works, use your browser's View Source facility to examine the script. The whole table is created by the function DrawPalette, which calls the function DrawRow to create a row, and which in turn calls the function DrawCell to create an individual cell correctly coloured and labelled.

There is no completely logical way of displaying 3-dimensional colour space in a 2-dimensional table. The arrangement I have chosen here, tries to lay the colours out so that there is always a fairly smooth transition between adjacent colours. If you prefer a different arrangement, feel free to modify the Java Script.

(If you see no table, your browser does not support Java Script, or you have chosen to disable it. Either way, this page is not going to be much use to you. Sorry!)

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