Local & Family History

Whilst researching one's own family history, one finds all sorts of odd snippets that may be of interest to others. This page leads to some of these, and also includes links to other related sites. If you see anything here which links into your own family, please send an email to Alan Simpson since we may well have more details than are included here.

Topics included on this web site:

Topic Details
The Demolished Houses of Broad Street, Oxford Some details of the houses at the North East end of Broad Street, demolished in the 1930's when the new Bodleian Library Building was built.
Oxford University Radio Society Memories of the Oxford University Radio Society and Jamborees on the Air
Simpson Genealogy A shortcut to the Simpson family genealogy pages on the main part of this site
Monumental Inscriptions A shortcut to the MI transcribing pages on the main part of this site
Another Shotover? A description of how the Shotover River in New Zealand acquired its name
(Watch this space for more!)

Links to other sites:

Site Location
http://www.ofhs.org.uk Oxfordshire Family History Society
http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/ Bodleian Library Oxford (Even if you cannot visit the library itself, the on-line catalogue is a good way of discovering what books are available on a topic.)

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