Lifelink - Oxford Artweeks 2001

An exhibition of drawings of the human form

"Artweeks" is Oxfordshire's annual Visual Arts Festival. During the three weeks of the festival, artists from all over Oxfordshire open their homes and studios to visitors, as well as mounting exhibitions in a variety of galleries and public buildings.

In 2001 Helen participated in Lifelink an exhibition taking place in the Museum of Oxford, in St. Aldates, Oxford.
Lifelink was an exhibition of life drawings by eight artists, with examples of other work in various media.
Here are some of the drawings Helen exhibited.

The Artists
Betty Blandino
Helen Simpson
Ann Holland
David Phipps
Christine Burgess
Jasper Scovil
Mai Cundall
Stephanie Leighton
print making
Museum of Oxford
St. Aldates, Oxford

12 May - 3 June

Opening Times
Tuesday-Friday10am - 4pm
Saturday10am - 5pm
Sunday12pm - 4pm
Admission Free

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